Disco Designer - Frequently Asked Questions

+1. Description of products designed and manufactured by Disco Designer
DISCO-PANEL is the name of our current product range, which includes different decoration Panels of Modern Retro Style of the 70’s. We offer RGB-LED-lighted and non-lighted Panels. With our RGB-LED’s, you can create more than 16 Millions of lighting colours. Descriptions and dimensions of our Products are indicated in our price list:
NIGHTCLUB FURNITURE, which includes sofas, chairs, stools and Disco Tables.
CLUB SOUND SYSTEMS – unique by design and with remarkable sound quality.
Disco Designer also manufactures and offers whole range of products for the nightclub industry:
Lighting Control – Software / Hardware
LED Dance Floors
LED Lighted Bars – Bar Shelves – Liquor Display
Video Displays
Decorative Statues
LED Disco Chandeliers – Mirrored and Crystal
Disco Mirrors
Nightclub Decor – Non Illuminated
LED DJ Booths
Disco Balls (custom made)
Baroque Frames (silver finish)
Disco Lamps
Moving Heads and Lasers
+2. Applications of DISCO-PANEL
Suitable for decoration of walls, ceilings, floors within public and private areas: Lounge, Bar, Nightclub, Discotheque, Stores, Offices, at home…
+3. Colours of DISCO-PANELs / Translucency
DISCO-PANELs as non-lighted products are offered in the following colours: mirrored, white, black, red, orange, pink, blue, green, black/white, white/black.
The lighted DISCO-PANELs of the mirrored version are translucent. Because of the mirrored surface, that translucency is not obvious as long as the light behind is switched off. When the light is switched on, you can see it as if it was behind a clear glass.
DISCO-PANELs without any lighting are non-translucent at all; the non-lighted mirrored ones too
+4. Material Thickness – 1 mm or 2 mm?
The wall panels – especially the LED Bubbles, and the LED Equalizers – are offered in two different versions of material thickness.
The Panels made of “1-mm” material are recommended for use in not crowded areas, where people could not knock or kick them, e. g. above seats and shelves, behind DJs, etc.
The Panels made of “2-mm” material are recommended for use in crowded areas, where people could knock or kick them, e. g. next to the dance floor, at DJ booths, etc. They are more suitable for these types of application because this material is non-flexible.
Both materials are non-breakable.
+5. Self Installation / Montage
DISCO-PANELs have been developed for an easy and fast installation: Big wall areas could be decorated within few hours in order to transform rooms with impressive visual elements.
Detailed installation instructions are sent by e-mail after receipt of customer’s payment. Sometimes, we may need some photos to see the current condition of the place. We will ask for it, if necessary.
The products are supplied ready to plug in. This means, the customer pays and receives all components, which are necessary for installation and start-up.
You will need the support of an electrician for the installation of the lighting products, who should be able to read and use the wiring diagrams we will send. Other specialists are not needed. Depending on how big is your order, you will need 2 to 4 people for the installation works.
Best is to send us a simple drawing – even hand-made – so that we can see the front view of the area, indicating the dimensions of it, the distance between it and the DJ Booth, and between the single areas, if they should be more than one. Please, see the following example drawing:
Sketch: Example-Drawing CLICK HERE!
This drawing will be needed later for the production of your order too. Please send us the drawing in one of the following formats: jpeg, pdf, tiff or gif.
+6. Disco Designer Installation – Team
Our installation team can mount the products and also teach you how to use them effectively.
Please note that when our installation team is required, you have to take care of their work permits, if such are needed in your country.
Important!!! The customer is responsible for the accommodation of the installation team and the costs of their stay.
Dear customers, it’s important to know that after fixing the date of the installation the following conditions must be strictly complied:
1. The installation team has to start working on the fixed installation date.
2. The site has to be prepared for the work of our team in order not to wait.
3. In most cases the team that we are sending is coming from another installation site and after that is continuing to the next one that also has fixed date. If you delay our team – they will not be able to perform the next installation on time. In that case the customer has to pay a penalty for breach of contract, that is: 100 € per team member per day. So, for example – if there are 4 people sent for your installation and you delay them with 2 days, the penalty that you will have to pay till the end of their work on your site will be 800 €.
4. Any delays of the fixed installation period may result in difficulties for us to organize our next project and thus leading to additional costs for Disco Design Ltd.
5. After the installation works by our team are complete, we prepare a basic free dmx programming composed of 15 effect combinations and we also show the customer how to work with our dmx software. If the customer needs additional, more detailed, programming for the effects played on our products, this is already a paid service. The price in this case is 200 € for 50 effect groups.
For more info please Contact Us.
+7. Power Consumption
LED-DISCO-PANELs have a very low power consumption and are very environmentally friendly because of the modern LEDs we use. The power supplies operate at 220V and at 110V at the same time.
+8. Distribution
Disco-Panel is a Registered Community Design by our designer and director Peter Yordanov. The products are manufactured in his company Disco Design Ltd. in Bulgaria and are sold directly from the factory.
There are no other dealers, representatives or distributors authorized or allowed to sell our products.
The company Disco Design Ltd. in Bulgaria is the parent company of the branches in Germany (Disco Design GmbH) and in the United Kingdom (Nightclub Design Ltd).
The products are delivered from our factory in Bulgaria.
+9. Showroom – Exhibition
We have three VIP-Showrooms opened for business visits:
– in the UK, next to the international airport Gatwick, tel: +44 7453760069. See More, CLICK HERE!
– in Germany, next to the international airport Frankfurt (am Main), tel: +49 176 20652244. See More, CLICK HERE!
– in Bulgaria, Ruse where our factory is also located), tel: +359 88 77 23456. See More, CLICK HERE!
Soon showrooms will be opened in Las Vegas, New York and Madrid.
The Showrooms can be visited only with appointments. To arrange an appointment with us, please send your company details by e-mail. Send Us a message to: info@disco-designer.com
+10. Samples / Minimum Order Value
We do not send any samples, because the products are designed to be used in bigger quantities. The minimum order value is 2000 EUR.
+11. Stock
Because the orders are mostly big and include different products and quantities, we produce everything after ordering by the client. Thus, we do not keep any stock.
To place an order or just to check our prices and available discounts use our DISCO CALCULATOR©. You may calculate your Club Design Ideas in minutes!
Please watch this video tutorial HOW-TO-ORDER to see how easy our Disco Calculator© works. If you need any support or additional information for our products, our assistants will help you.
+13. Prices
The prices in our price list are net prices. They do not include any VAT (concerns just members of the European Union). To keep the prices without VAT, we need to get your valid VAT ID Number. If you do not have any VAT ID Number, we have to add 20% if you buy our products from our head company in Bulgaria, 19% if you buy them from our branch in Germany, or 20% if you buy from our branch in the UK.
You can check the validity of your VAT ID Number at the European web site: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies
If you do not have any VAT ID Number, you can apply for one, and will get it within 14 days from your tax authorities. Please contact your tax advisor for more details.
Prices may change without notice.
+14. Discounts
Because we sell the products directly from our factory, the prices have been calculated very keen, with no big profit calculated. Thus, discounts are possible only when ordering bigger quantities. The minimum order value to get a discount is 15 000 EUR. Discounts start at 10%, with the largest one of 50%. The discounts are calculated individually, because the production of different products causes different costs of material and manpower. Discounts depend on the quantity ordered.
+15. Purchase
If you decide to place an order with us, first you have to confirm our quotation sent to you by e-mail. We will send you a proforma invoice with our company and bank details.
For billing, we need the following information from you:
– Company Name
– Company Address (country, zip, city, street name, street number)
– VAT ID-Number (just for members of the European Community) + official document that proves that this is the VAT number of the company that we are signing the contract and issuing the invoice to
– Delivery Address
– Person Responsible
– Phone Number
Your can check the validity of your VAT ID Number at the European web site:
If you do not have any VAT ID Number, you can apply for one, and will get it within 14 days from your tax authorities. Please contact your tax advisor for more details.
+16. Booking of your order
Your order will be processed once we receive an advance payment of 30% – 50% depending on the total order value. After receipt of payment, we will send you a confirmation and book it for production.
Cancellation of order – Оnce you have made an advanced payment (30% – 50% from the total value of the contract) it is fully refundable only if you cancel the order in maximum of 3 days after the money is received in Disco Design’s bank account.
Otherwise, if you decide to cancel the order (for which you have made an advanced payment) at a later time, the sum from the advanced payment will not be reimbursed to you, because the order will be already released to production. However in this case you will have the right to resume your order at a later time, although the total order value can automatically change.
+17. Payment Conditions
We prefer payments in EUR. However, for small orders we also accept payments in USD/GBP (up to 30 000 USD or up to 100 000 GBP).
Exception: You can pay for bigger orders in USD/GBP only if the full balance is received in advance (on placing the order).
We only accept payments by bank wire transfer, PayPal or in cash. Payment instructions – OUR (Buyer is responsible for all fees charged by his bank for foreign wire transfer). Make sure your bank is aware of this fact.
Please follow the Payment Options, described in the Proforma Invoice that you will receive from us.
After fixing the date for shipping and if the customer DOES NOT want the installation to be executed by our team, the rest of the total value of the contract has to be paid before the goods leave the factory.
After receiving the full payment Disco Design Ltd. issues a document which certifies that everything is paid and the goods will be shipped on the date pre-agreed with the corresponding assistant.
If the customer wants a Disco Design team to execute the installation, then he has to pay:
* Installation by a Disco Design team – members of the European Union
– 50 % of the total value of the contract in advance
– 40% of the total value of the contract when the goods are delivered but before unloading
– 10% of the total value of the contract on the last day of installation (after installation works are over and products are tested)
* Installation by a Disco Design team – outside the European Union
– 50 % of the total value of the contract in advance
– 40% of the total value of the contract before the goods are shipped – in this case the customer will receive email confirmation that the goods are loaded and ready to be shipped along with pictures or video of the products and the packaging
– 10% of the total value of the contract in cash on the last day of installation (after installation works are over and products are tested)
The customer receives the original invoice from the driver of the transportation company that delivers the goods.
For any additional conditions on the payment terms the customer has to agree them personally with the corresponding Disco Design sales assistant in a written form.
We would like to inform you that Disco Design also offers leasing programs. For more information please contact our sales assistants.
+18. Why do you have to pay for packaging?
At Disco Design Ltd. we care about our customers very much and want them to be happy, so we rely on quality products which we ensure to be packaged and stored in a delicate and safe way. There are many additional products that are used just for the packaging and transportation. And also our team needs to spend a considerable amount of time for packaging and loading so the products can reach the customer in its original condition.
+19. Who bears the responsibility for the goods during the transportation?
Disco Design Ltd. bears the responsibility until the moment the goods are loaded. After that the shipping company bears the responsibility to transport them safely and on time. Don’t forget that it is possible to organize your own transportation. N.B. – We inform you that to date we have never encountered any problems with the shipping companies – no cases of lost or not delivered goods.
+20. Delivery, prices for delivery
The fastest and cheapest way for delivery is shipping by air cargo. We ship the goods to your closest international airport, where you need to collect them from, using the information that we will send you by email. The delivery price is calculated only to the airport.
Delivery prices can be calculated only according to an exact inquiry. It depends on the volume of the total order.
Delivery to your door is possible as well: by DHL, TNT, EMS or UPS. Please keep in mind that this may cost more, and take longer to come to your place.
The goods can be collected from the customer directly from our factory in Bulgaria also. In this case, no delivery costs will be calculated.
+21. Delivery Time
Because the goods have to be produced first, delivery time varies between 3 and 8 weeks after receipt of payment. The production time depends on the following factors:
– When will the customer’s payment be booked.
– How many other orders have already been scheduled for production when the customer’s payment is booked.
The probable delivery time will be indicated in the proforma invoice.
If the customers desires a shorter (EXPRESS) delivery time, we have to calculate 10% express-fee. In this case, no discounts are available.
Delays of the orders due to delays of our suppliers are very rare, but sometimes happen. That’s why we recommend to place orders early enough (at least 3 months before the opening of your project) to avoid delays caused by unexpected obstructions beyond our control.
+22. What happens if the received package is damaged?
Although it happens very rarely the customer should inspect the package for damage or missing goods upon receiving and if such are found, a damage report should be requested.
We will then require compensation from the shipping company and will send a new shipment – this way there will be no losses for the customer and Disco Design Ltd.
+23. Warranty for the Customer / Contract
The issued Proforma Invoice is the contract between us and the customer, which contains our agreements and information about Seller and Buyer. This contract is signed just by the Seller.
By paying the amount of the order stated on our proforma invoice the customer confirms that he/she accepts our general purchase and delivery conditions which are as follows:
– within 10 days after the arrival of the goods in the customer’s country, he/she should clear the goods through the customs and take them from the Port, Airport or customs;
– if after the expiration of this deadline the customer has not taken the goods, Disco Design Ltd. reserves the right to return the products in order to prevent the calculation of any extra storage charges for them on our account. The property of the goods is automatically transferred again to Disco Design and we do not give back to the customer any payment connected to the deal – product amount, insurance, transport cost. The customer may take back the goods later only after he pays all the charges for the return of these goods and the new shipping cost.
Our main company and our branches had been registered in the adequate national Registrars.
+24. Dealer / Installer
We do not offer any special conditions for dealers. Our customers are Nightclubs and Discotheques, who buy big quantities, thus there is no difference between retail and wholesale customers.
We make discounts for order values over 15 000 EUR. The discounts start at 10%, with the largest one of 50% of the public price indicated in our price list.
Installers can charge the customer for the installation job they do for him.
+25. 3D Design Idea / Visit on-site
Our 3D Design Idea is presented to the customer as a 3-D-Visualization.
You may calculate the price for your 3D Design by using our 3D Design – Price Calculator.
The layout visualisations are not included in the price of the 3D Project Design. We provide them on demand for full project design and after payment is received.
Initially, our designer visits the customer on-site and takes the dimensions of the premises in order to discuss his idea with the customer. Before coming on-site, we will need some room plans or drawings and photos in order to see the current condition of the premises.
We will visit you after you place an order for that visit. The value of this order depends on where you are based, and how big is the total area, which you want us to design.
The expenses for the realization of the 3D Design Idea can be calculated after its 3-D-Visualization. There is no standard pricing possible, because every room has different initial conditions, which are more or less difficult to work with, and thus causing the price difference.
On-site visits without commitment are not accepted.
+26. Warranty
We offer a 3-year warranty on the electronic components and 1-year warranty on the batteries which come into action after the installation team leaves and the price of the contract is fully paid.Then the customer receives online support using TeamViewer and he has to find a technician who will follow the instructions.
+27. Correspondence
We prefer communication by e-mail. Please always include our texts in your replies, otherwise, you may get our replies with delays.
+28. Online Support / Contact
In the case of self-installation, the customer takes full responsibility on installing the products, using the instructions we will send.
We also offer an additionally paid online support, but there are some requirements for this. The customer:
– must have a laptop with a high quality camera
– must have a good internet connection
– must install Skype software (to watch an installation video tutorial – CLICK HERE!) – to be able to talk to our technician for free and to make a video conference
– must install TeamViewer software (to watch an installation video tutorial – CLICK HERE!) – to give us remote access to the computer where the lighting software is installed so our support team can program the lighting software from distance.
After fixing an online meeting appointment with the corresponding assistant and our technicians, the prices are as follows:
1 hour of online support* = 20 €
* Minimum 5 hours have to be prepaid.
+29.Intellectual Properties
Intellectual properties and design patent rights
All club design projects are intellectual property of Peter Yordanov and Disco Design Ltd! These 3D projects cannot be used by other companies for accomplishing projects created for customers of Disco Design Ltd. as well as for other premises.