3D Design Calculator

With this calculator you can calculate your 3D Design Project Costs.

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Option 1 SAVE 50% (Work from Distance)
    This option gives you the opportunity to SAVE 50% of the 3D Project Cost!
You must provide all the dimensions and architectural plans or drawings of your venue and photos.
You have the possibility to WATCH LIVE remotely the creation process of
your 3D Design Idea, work on-line together with our designers and give your own ideas.
We use Skype and TeamViewer software for remote PC access.


Option 2 VISIT ON SITE (Our Designer Visits, Discusses and takes Dimensions of your Project)
    (This option keeps the official price. The customer bears the travel and accommodation costs of the designer.
This price does NOT include the travel cost and the hotel. You will be informed for these charges later.)
  Price after STEP 2:  
  More info!
For this price you will buy 0 working hours with our designer.

I know that I’ll be able to WATCH LIVE the creating process Online!

If my project is created for more hours, I agree to pay additional 20€ per hour.
If my project is created for for LESS hours, I’ll be refunded.

IMPORTANT! Save additional 50%, Please Read Below:
    If you order the products included in this project you will receive additional DISCOUNT of 50%
from the Final Price of your 3D project = 0

This option gives you opportunity to save 50% of the 3D Project Cost! After the order of the products, half of the price for your 3D project design will be deducted!
  Yes, I'M PLANNING TO ORDER THE PRODUCTS included in the 3D project and I’ll be
happy to receive ADDITIONAL 50% DISCOUNT from the final price of the 3D project.
Your final price will be:
  Advanced Payment (Deposit):  

I’ve read and agree to the terms and conditions!