Terms and conditions

IMPORTANT! Please read the following terms and conditions.
By placing an order for a 3D Design Project you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

1. The client agrees that he/she is familiar with the services and projects that Disco Design Ltd. (the company) is offering.

2. If the client chooses one of the company’s designers to visit the place on-site, take measurements and photos and discuss the project idea, the client have to cover all the expenses for the visit – plane tickets, accommodation and food. The client will also be responsible for meeting the designer/s at the closest airport.

3. In order to use a 50% discount of the official 3D Project price the client must provide the company with plans or recent drawings of the premises (the best is to send DWG or DXF files) with all the measurements and details like stairs, columns and other specifics, and also some recent high-quality photos of the premises, as well as any additional information or documentation related to the development of the design project.

4. Within five (5) business days after agreeing with these terms and conditions, the client shall pay the company 100% (one hundred percent) of the contract price on the basis provided by the company's invoice.

5. If the client makes a product order from the company, after the design project is finished, then again 50% of the paid price for the design project will be automatically deducted from the overall product order price.

6. Depending on the area size of the venue the base price for the design project will include a calculated amount of working hours with one of the company’s designers. If there is a need for additional hours, depending on the complexity of the project, the client will have to pay for them separately. The price is 20 € / hour. And also if the project is ready in less hours AND the client makes a product order after that, then the company will refund him/her the corresponding sum.

7. After paying the price stated in the contract and the company’s designers start to work on the project - the client can cancel the order only within the first 8 working hours of the designer, in which case the full amount for the project will be refunded.

8. 8. The client agrees that the collaboration between him and the designer will be conducted online via TeamViewer and Skype and also recorded and saved in the archives of the company.

9. After the final 3D Design project is ready the client will receive a document which he/she has to sign, scan and send back in order to receive the final project files.

10. 10. The final project files include: 3D-panorama and 3D-pictures, as well as technical documentation of the design-project - detailed plan of walls, floors and ceiling; specifications of the equipment, furniture and decorative materials; points of electricity supply; power consumption.

11. If in the working process some kind of complications appear as a result of negative results or inexpedience for further work, the company must stop immediately work and notify within two days the client about this. In this case, both sides will have two days to decide of possible solutions to solve these issues and find ways to continue the tasks and announce their decision in bilateral documents.

12. Online Support - In the case of self-installation, the customer takes full responsibility on installing the products, using the instructions the company will send. There’s also an option for additionally paid online support, but there are some requirements for this. Please, refer to the FAQ section for more info and prices.

13. Warranty - The company offers a 3-year warranty on the electronic components which comes into action after the installation team leaves and the order price is fully paid. Then the client receives online support using TeamViewer and he/she has to find a technician who will follow the instructions.